by Earl Grey

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c super rad melodic hardcore for lovers of Basement, Sunny Day Real Estate, Sorority Noise...
hard to choose a favorite between Hang Times or Lavender. Favorite track: Lavender.
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smoosh Absolutely adore "Salt Water" "Safe Drive" and "Lavender" but really, the entire album is a fun ride. Enjoy the momentum of moody swinging from start to finish. I'm enamored of Earl Grey. Favorite track: Lavender.
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...Forget Me 01:39
Coming over at night the floor it consumes me driving through the night its 27 degrees outside This lack of confidence i'm feeling hollow inside this sleeping bag You wont be here tomorrow. Leaving in the night like Sea foam green moving back west with your crooked pinkies burning all the pages in the floral book i'm the one to blame cause the time that I took faultless like Nate's brass skeleton key I wont blame ya if you're trying to forget me. Cause i'm trying to forget me.
Hang Times 01:53
Tube Socking static shocking Posi jumping through the night Across the street from the Walmart, fell off the slack line to my heart In-N-Out is where we'll part for the last time. so close yet so far.
Salt Water 03:28
Wanted more of what you didn't want Got more of what you didn't want Used to feel everything now I feel nothing You'll never know me As if you'd even want to.
Little Hell 01:46
My mistakes left me with little room Too much space to much to be alive I find comfort in your little hell Put me out because I'm doing well And you're gone for good this time And you didn't bother to say goodbye I'm pulling teeth out of my broken skull To keep me from bantering when you call I find comfort in your little hell Pinch me quick because I'm think I'm doing well
Calloused 03:38
Scratch my eyes shut Fever blood is running me dry I still hold those first nights dear to me The always melt me away Calloused I've become Desensitized and numb "You ruined my life," is what you tell me How could I fall asleep at night?
Pull Over 03:20
Are you losing interest in me? I look for your emails every Monday. Did you send one? I know I sent one. Thought of you on a Thursday. Thought of you on a Sunday. Phone alarm went off I'm still sleep eating and thinking of you when I know I shouldn't be. Pretending I don't like cheese wearing short above me knees are you thinking of me when you shouldn't be? Binge watch Psych and Ancient Aliens I can't fall asleep without watching an episode of The Office. I'll be fine got to stay busy keep my mind from wondering to Portugal I have Alfie. Did you send one? I know I sent one. I'll be fine.
Two Months 02:56
It's two months I keep telling myself These sad songs aren't making it any easier These moments take ages to sink in And all i can do is smile Don't wait up was what you tell me to do Trade a year of my life for an hour more with you So I keep staring at the ceiling Waiting to hear your call A million and one things to say to you But the words, they're always escaping me
Parking far away. Keep wishing that something will stop me. Dreading this all day. Walking slowly all the way. Can a car slide right into me? I'll finally decay. So I don't have to see you. Am I even wanted? In my mind I run away from you. In my mind I run away from you. But reality unfolds and I arrive. Oh man am I even surprised? It's Christmas Eve and you're not even there. Keeping asking Mai "Should I care?" Walking slowly all the way In my mind I run away from you.
Palindrome 03:33
What was then What was now What's it worth? Was I good? Understood But now it's not I cannot be Your giving tree How can I be? You cannot be My tendencies It's killing me
Lavender 05:40
Lavender calms you down watch the light cut through the wicker. Are you afraid to fall asleep tonight? Are you afraid that you wont wake up in the morning? Lavender calms you down all day on the phone resting on your collar bone. Are you afraid that he won't change the way you want him to? Are you afraid that he won't love you the way you do? I think about you.
Safe Drive 02:43
Reached our ice cream limits you said you'd be here in two seconds you pull up next to me your car lights are dimming going back to Michigan I'm glad I can call you a "good friend" say "see you later" we hugged twice I wish you a safe drive you say "safe flight" you ask me if Utah is close and I wonder who'll miss you the most is it me, or Cali?


Erik - Guitar/Vocals
Paul - Guitar
Nick - Drums
Joey - Bass/vocals


released February 29, 2016

All songs written by Earl Grey
Recorded at the Geneva Room, Honolulu, HI on November 15, 2015
Engineered and mixed by Joey Green


all rights reserved



Earl Grey Honolulu, Hawaii

We are Earl Grey.
We play music.

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